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Monday, July 1, 2019

A Cage Match in a Comic!

Steel Cage #1 is an anthology of three debut comic stories. Each story features top notch, veteran creators. Don't believe me? This book features:
  • Tom Peyer (script) and Alan Robinson (art) on “True Identity” 
  • Stuart Moore (script) and Peter Gross (art) on “Bright Boy” 
  • Mark Waid (script) and Lanna Souvanny (art) on “Noah Zark”

Each creative team has but 12 pages to craft a story that will ensnare readers and get them to rally to the story's cause. You see, the anthology's title, Steel Cage, is not simply metaphor. Well, there is no actual slugfest, but only one of these stories will survive. And it's up to the readers to make the choice. Inside the front cover, there is a web address where readers may cast a ballot for their favorite of these three stories.

There's something kind of wonderful and subversive about this book's concept: Support what you love!

The only downside to all of this is that only one story can win its way to its own series. But hopefully the others will still appear, maybe as backup material or as bonus features. They are all too good to be just cast aside after this debut!

Did you pick up a copy of Steel Cage #1? What story will receive your vote??

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