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Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday 80s Flashback for August 19, 2016

Photo by Michael Plen

[R.E.M. at Shea] -- 33 years ago this week, on August 18, 1983, R.E.M. rocked a show at Shea Stadium. I'd love to say that R.E.M. were headlining the show, and that the Police graciously closed it. However, the truth is that R.E.M. were one of two opening acts, the other opener being Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. And R.E.M. were such special guests that ... they didn't even appear on the tickets:

Concert Ticket via The Police Wiki (they really couldn't spare three more letters?)

But they did get a mention on an ad, so that's good.

R.E.M. opened for the Police six times during the latter's Synchronicity tour. Eventually, R.E.M.'s debut album, Murmer (1983), gained traction and all but invented the genre of college radio, and the rest is history. Speaking of history, R.E.M.'s setlist for the August 18 show consisted of five songs: 1,000,000 / Catapult / Pilgrimage / Radio Free Europe / Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars). One of the songs from this setlist appeared in the 4/15/2016 Flashback I posted to commemorate the release of Murmer. So, I'll skip that one today. And if you want to know which three tunes made this weekend's playlist, check them out after the break.

Shea Stadium setlist via R.E.M.HQ

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Heroic Window Art

I wonder what this store sells? (Kidding! This is Tales of Adventure, a comic and gaming store in Coopersburg, PA.)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday 80s Flashback for August 12, 2016

[Feeling Reckless] -- In November of 1984, Canadian rocker Bryan Adams released his fourth studio album, Reckless. It launched a string of six singles, all of which reached the top 15 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The success of those singles drove Reckless to become Adams' first #1 album in the US. As that happened this very week in 1985, we're featuring tracks from Reckless on this weekend's Flashback. With a total of 10 tracks and over half of them top-charting singles, which three did I choose? For the answer, read and hear more after the break...  

Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday 80s Flashback for August 5, 2016

From the Lunch Bag Gallery

[Last Chance to Go Someplace Fun! -- Redux] -- [This flashback first appeared on August 8, 2014, but it's still perfect for this weekend.] I've noticed a certain kind of advertisement on TV recently. And I have also noticed some youngsters worrying that the Summer will wind down before they go someplace or do what they want. Yes, we are getting close to "back-to-school" season. There is still time, however, for one last trip before kids give up their sun-drenched freedom for assigned seating and homework. So, for this week, let's enjoy some 80s songs about ... going places (other than a classroom). To read and hear more about this theme, just travel beyond the break.