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Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday 80s Flashback for September 13, 2019

[An Affair Less Remembered] -- Another Friday the 13th has rolled around, and I briefly thought about a horror or bad luck theme to honor the rare occasion when the Flashback crosses paths with Friday the 13th. But, no, I'm not going there. Instead, I'm going to tell you about a record that is celebrating its 30th anniversary on this date: Tina Turner's seventh solo album, Foreign Affair (1989). It launched six different singles, only two of which were able to crack the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100. The album itself peaked at #31 on the US Billboard 200. And while the record sold over 6 million copies, it was not as commercially successful as her two prior outings, Private Dancer (1984) and Break Every Rule (1986). You don't recall Foreign Affair? Well, I'm sure you remember one single from it. Let's see if you do; just read and hear more after the jump.

(Note: The last time a confluence of Flashback and Friday the 13th occurred was 10/13/2017, and I didn't do a 13-themed post then either). 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Lucifer Convention

A friend of mine was worried when she saw I was attending a Lucifer convention. She did not realize it was for the TV show Lucifer.

We flew to LA and stayed right at LAX. We didn't say in the convention hotel but we easily walked to it. The convention hotel was the Hyatt Regency and it was a lovely hotel and the ballroom we were in worked out very well. It was small and intimate with good sound and our seats were very good too.

This was a Creation Entertainment convention and I always go Gold because it is always worth every penny and this was no exception. We were close to the stage, we got all but one autograph included and we had a special Gold panel on Sunday morning with Tom Ellis, Kevin Alejandro and Tricia Helfer.

We met some amazing attendees and throughly enjoyed meeting all the actors and hearing their stories. They were all hilarious and all very engaging. They LOVE their show and the fans too. And the fans LOVE them right back. All the fans were well versed in the show and at times stumped the actors with their questions. It truly was a lovefest and it was sad it was only two days. They mentioned maybe doing another in Chicago in 2020 and we will definitely check it out if they do.