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Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday 80s Flashback for October 26, 2018

[TOTO-ly Platinum] -- The fourth studio album by session sidemen turned bandmates, Toto IV (1982) was a multiplatinum surprise. It might have even surprised Toto themselves, as their prior two records had a marked sales slump compared to their eponymous debut of 1978. Toto IV's lead single climbed to #2 and stayed there for several weeks while the third single became the bands first and only #1 Billboard hit. Even the fourth single, released almost a year after the first single, peaked in the top 10. Ultimately, four of the album's five singles were top 40 hits and the album itself secured the #11 position on the US Billboard 200. This is one of those records that successfully crosses -- or, perhaps, blurs -- the lines between AOR and jazz. So much so, that it's one of the few rock records that my father purchased in the 80s. We listened to it together quite a bit, and he delighted in pointing out just how meticulous the arrangements on this album really are. I still own his vinyl copy. Now, if you're wondering which tracks hit those #2, #10, and #1 slots respectively, you can read and hear more after the jump.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Dangrdafne review

Amazon Video has made a masterpiece. A clever, hilarious, crazy fun show about ... stand up
comedy at its heart. A story of real life in the 50’s but on a stage of stand up comedy and being a woman. It’s about strength, courage, despair, family and laughter.

The casting is impeccable and it deserved every award it won in this past year. I loved getting lost in their world. From the costuming to the perfect details of the homes. I feel like I could write forever about this show but I’ll just tell you to go watch it. You’ll understand.

4 paws and a tail!!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday 80s Flashback for October 12, 2018

[Introspective] -- 30 years ago this week, the synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys released their third studio album, Introspective (1988). It's an unusual record for a pop outfit because all six tracks are over six minutes in length. Not exactly prime radio material, at least not in the hits-hungry commercial radio of the late 80s. Still, the record was pretty successful: Two of the album's four singles charted in just about every country they were released, and a few countries embraced all four singles (the U.S. was not among those countries). And the lead-off single, a cover of "Always On My Mind," peaked at #1 on a few charts and even hit Gold status. Rather than do my usual curation of songs from the album,  I thought I'd leave you with the whole album. I find it to be a much more satisfying, albeit time-consuming, experience. 

That's all till next week. Dedicated 80s-philes can find more flashbacks in the Prophet or Madman archives or via Bookended's 80s Flashback tag. As always, your comments are welcome on today's, or any other, flashback post. And if you like what I'm doing here, please share the link with your friends. If, however, you don't like the flashback, feel free to share it with your enemies.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Friday 80s Flashback for October 5, 2018

[Honeymoon Suite] -- In June of 1984, Canadian glam metal band Honeymoon Suite released their eponymous debut album. At the time of this Warner Bros. Records release, the band was about three years old but only one original member remained. Their first single, "New Girl Now," was all over MTV and the radio in the mid-80s. And they might have been relegated to one-hit-wonder status in the States if it wasn't for a pair of hits on their sophomore release. They remain somewhat popular in their native Canada to this day, but they haven't had a hit single in the US since 1988. But, oh, what hits they had with this 1984 debut. To revisit them, just read and hear more after the jump.