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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

SDCC 2019

So next week at this time we will be in San Diego anticipating the start of SDCC 2019, the 50th anniversary of SDCC. How amazing is that??

I am very excited for this trip and can’t wait to see all my friends and all the amazing panels and wares to be had on the floor. We don’t have many exclusives to get, except for one in the portal. We did our best to use our credits appropriately but only time will tell if it works out for us. Hopefully the 80th anniversary SDCC Batman will come home with us. What are you looking for this year?

I have some friends on panels this year so I was sure to put their times on my calendar and we always see the animated film on Friday night. Other than that there are no parties on the schedule with the ending of Game of Bloggers and the Hero Within closing party. While I am sad to not have the parties to go to and the time to see certain people, I am happy to have the time open. Hopefully we will still see everyone we want to.

What are your must do panels? Do you have any parties planned?

I am also just looking forward to being away and hanging out in San Diego. It is one of my favorite places to visit and the bonus of seeing my childhood best friend is a huge factor in my love of the area.

I hope everyone attending has safe travels and may all the odds be in our favor to get the exclusives we want and seats at the panels we want. Happy SDCC!!!!

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