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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War

Dangrdafne review


EVERYONE DIES!! I feel like I have typed that way too many times for the movies I have reviewed lately on this blog.

And it isn’t really true in my opinion. There are only 4 deaths that could be considered real and not coming back. The rest are probably all Superhero deaths and if there is a time stone... which already showed that it can bring back people... well... I didn’t shed any tears. And I really thought I would. I took a ton of tissues with me in preparation but in the end no crying. I am actually kind of bummed about it too.

NOT that I want people to be dead but I felt a little like I was told that people would die and I would be sad but alas I don’t believe it.

I did really enjoy the movie overall though. I thought it was put together very well and all characters got their chance on screen.

I adored Thor and Rocket/Rabbit together.

I loved Tom Holland as Spider-Man. I liked the Tony Stark and Peter Parker interactions. I did actually cheer a little when he got the new suit. Waaaay cool.

I liked the humor the Guardians brought overall.

Gamora was incredible

and under utilized Nebula was great in her small scenes. I am hopeful there is more Nebula in Avengers 4.

I thought the General’s reaction to Black Panther turning to dust was visceral and exactly how I wanted to feel.

Bucky reaching out and saying Steve as his last word was perfection.

Vision saying I love you as his last words was also perfection as it showed how far he has come in his search to be human.

Thanos was a very good villain and his smile as he watches the sun set was quite disturbing. Side note on Thanos, I watched the red carpet premiere and when Josh Brolin was standing with the other actors, he was the shortest of them all but in the movie he is the biggest. Ahhhh movie magic ;)

Thor proves that the human spirit, or in his case a God’s spirit can overcome anything. He has lost the most but he perseveres. He still sees the big picture and continues to fight. No more shall be lost if he can avoid it. Alas...

I thought I didn’t need/want to see the movie again in the theater but I am changing my mind. I am not sure why. Maybe I want to see if I see and hear other things. Was there a moment where “Hulka Hulka Burning Love” was said?? I hear that the story the others day and now I am wondering if it was and if I missed it or forgot about it with everything that happens in the movie.

Please don’t think that because I didn’t write about someone or post their poster means I didn’t appreciate their time in the movie because I really did but if I posted all my thoughts you would never stop reading this post :)

Hopefully you have all seen the movie by now and we can all start posting about it and talking about it. I would love to hear your thoughts on it and if you think everyone is really gone or not.

I give the movie 4 paws.

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