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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Into the Wild - movie

Dangrdafne review

So I finally watched Into the Wild. Yes, it has been out there a loooong time. I for some reason never watched it, although I had wanted to since it came out. Perhaps I wasn’t meant to watch it when it came out, perhaps it was meant to be watched the day I saw it. One can never be too sure but I can tell you this, I am broken from this movie. Absolutely broken. I can not get the last moments of the movie out of my head. I can’t stop seeing two moments and I find myself crying still over it.


Perhaps one of the reasons for my devastation is that I forgot it was a true story. That what happens actually happened to someone. Knowing that someone went through all that happened just breaks my heart. Also I had forgotten (or if I ever knew) how it would end.

He dies. And he dies from something really stupid. And only really stupid because he worked so hard to learn everything and do everything right that it just sucks that it was a mistake that makes him leave this world. And to make matters worse, people finally do come along.... just 20 days too late. I am not even sure I will be able to type up this post. My heart hurts just typing this paragraph.

Perhaps I am too emotional or sentimental. I just HATE that his whole life ended in abject loneliness and his realization that “Happiness is only real when shared.” Oh goodness gracious. A great learning point but with no way to then live that out... ouch.

He was a true philosopher and maybe if I researched philosophers I would find out that they all die alone and sad. I don’t know but actually there is no way I want to research that. My brain and heart hurt from this and while I learned a lot about myself while watching this movie, all that can not come to the front because I can’t get the end out of my mind. Sorry that this is more like a therapy session than a movie review but I think I need it. And maybe someone reading does too and that is why I am typing this.

Be sure to live your lives fully, engage with others no matter you introversion or extroversion, just find your people. Find your solace. Reach out when you need anything, there is always someone there. Basically don’t run off into the wild to live. I am not sure you can live there. And the evidence from Alex Supertramp supports my theory.

I am not sure I can recommend the movie but I still give it 4 paws because it made me pause. The soundtrack is incredible and the acting is impeccable. Hal Holbrook was a joy and Kristen Stewart was perfect. The whole cast brought their A games and I am glad because if they did not it would have made the movie even harder to process. I am sure most of you are not as emotional as I am, so if you have not seen it or if you have not seen in it awhile, check it out. Maybe it is a movie needed for these times.

If you find that you need to chat after watching, come find me in the comments.

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