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Monday, January 3, 2022

Firefly Holiday Special (Comic One Shot)

Firefly Holiday Special (One Shot) -- I picked this comic up before Christmas, but I didn't read it until today (1/3/2022). Not sure whether that was my means of extending the holiday season, or just a bit of forgetfulness on my part. More likely it's due to me having quite the backlog of reading. Whatever the case, this one shot was a rather nice treat on a Monday morning. Now, I'm not up on all that has happened in the extended narratives of the Serenity crew in comics, but I knew (or recalled) enough Firefly lore that I could appreciate this Dickensian twist on some of my favorite characters. 

Plus, I love that opening splash page showing the ship decked out in holiday lights. 

Brainwise rates this comic ... Four paws and a tail! 


Publisher: Boom Studios

Release Date: 12/15/2021

Creative Team:

    • Script: Jeff Jensen (HBO's "Watchmen," "Better Angels: A Kate Warne Adventure").
    • Pencils: Vincenzo Federici ("Go-Go Power Rangers"), Jordi Pérez ("Firefly"), and Fabiana Mascolo ("Firefly: Brand New 'Verse"). 
    • Colors: Francesco Segala, Gloria Martinelli, and Lucia Di Giammarino.
    • Letters: Jim Campbell. 

Sample Pages:



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