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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Loki - Disney Plus

 Dangrdafne review 

Wow, this took a lot of brain power to watch but it was really good and worth it. To me it’s the furthest from the MCU world and more closely tied to the comics but I don’t think it hindered me watching it but it could if you have no history of the Loki character in your world. 

Tom Hiddleston is a perfect Loki to me and he brings everything to this show. I was not pleased with Owen Wilson being cast when I first heard about the series but he turned out to be really good and I liked his portrayal of Mobius and his interaction with the other characters in the show. 

There were a lot of good laughs in the show but overall it was more deep and thoughtful show than I expected. I definitely would love to talk about this more but really there would be too many spoilers and amazingly enough I made it all the way through without any spoilers but then of course since I don't know a lot of the Loki lore, I saw things I didn't know were spoilers :)

My favorite thing about Tom Hiddleston's portrayal of Loki is the humanity he brings to a character that I gather Loki does not have much of in the comics. There is something so endearing about Tom's portrayal that I have a hard time NOT liking Loki and I think in the comics world I would not like Loki. I am glad I do and I am glad he was given his own series to cover his story. 

I am starting to think and maybe I always knew but the MCU characters seem to each be parts of the human psyche and you need each one to become a fully realized human. I will have to think on this more and see where it leads me. In the mean time check out Loki and enjoy the trip.

4 paws

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