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Friday, August 9, 2019

Neon Future #1

Still catching up on comics I picked up during SDCC 2019. Here's one that was handed out for free at the company's booth: Neon Future #1.

This debut issue from Impact Theory Comics presents a world in which those with tech enhancements (the Augmented) are on the verge of war with those who shun such enhancements (the Authentic). The title of the book is the name of the resistance movement that wants to show how the future can be peaceful and harmonious: Neon Future.

The resistance movement takes desperate action in their bid for this future: When Clay Campbell, a reality TV star and darling of the Authentic, dies, Neon Future's leader, Kita Sovee (based on Steve Aoki), uses tech to bring Clay back from the dead. The hope is that this new Augmented will shift the balance in the ongoing struggle. Clay, of course, isn't exactly on board with this plan, but he will be forced to make a choice. And forced is the correct word, especially as he doesn't exactly know what his augments enable him to do ... yet.

The concept is compelling, and the art is beautiful (particularly the "after-life" Clay briefly experiences before his return).

Check out the video trailer.

Digital version of Issue #1 is available for free at the Impact Theory site. Be certain that Digital Copy PDF (Cover A) is selected.

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