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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Love Letter to Jane the Virgin

From Dangrdafne

There are no words to describe my grief over the series finale of this show. Jane the Virgin starring Gina Rodriguez tells the story basically of a Grandmother, mother and daughter and how they navigate the world we live in, all under the guise of a Telenovela.

To say that I love these characters, this show and their stories is an understatement. This show covers so many incredibly important topics and makes them so accessible. From virginity, to religion, to love, to friendship, to sex, to ageism, to racism, cancer, everything. I kid you not, this show has covered so much and so well. It is so sad that these stories will end and we will miss out on all the magic they create.

Gina Rodriguez is spectacular as Jane. She is my best friend and we don’t even know each other. She tells my stories as a woman and I learn about her life and struggles as a woman of color. But honestly that isn’t even part of the story any more. These are just people who speak a different language but speaking the exact same language as all of us. Humanity. All they want is love, friendship, peace and a place in society. Isn’t that what we all want?

Yes, there are crazy things that happen in this show but that is also what I love most about it. The “mundane” mixed with the “crazy”, sounds like life to me. I love that there are no punches pulled, they all land squarely where they should but resolutions are always around the corner. The mysteries are twisted and complicated and I have yet to figure one out but maybe I just don’t try as hard with this show because I WANT it to surprise me and challenge me and make me yell out... and believe me I have yelled at this show many times and I love it.

I already know that just because it has Telenovela attached to it, people will choose not to watch but I implore you to just go with it. Enjoy the crazy, enjoy the amazing writing, enjoy a 7 minute uncut dialog performed by Gina Rodriguez this season... but AFTER you watch all the episodes in all the years before it. You will be blown away by her talent and that of the writers and all the other actors and everyone involved in the show. You will definitely have moments where you think they are in your head and stealing your thoughts and I relish those moments.

The love stories are the best they can be. Soulmates, true love, amnesia, familial love, all of the love. This show consistently breaks my heart but in the most delicious ways. I have cried more tears for Jane than for This is Us (and we all know how much we cry at that show). This has become my family and I will miss them so much when they are gone. The fatherly love Rogelio has for Jane is the most precious love I have seen. I pretty much just assume this is a real family and they are just filming their lives for us.

I so want the cast and crew to see this post and to see my love for them and to hear my gratitude I have for them sharing everything they have with me/us. From the beautiful sets, colors, clothes, backdrops, writing, filming and acting, there will never be another show like this. I wish I could put my thoughts together better but I don’t know how. I just absolutely love this show and I want everyone else to love it to. I want you all to see what I see and feel the glowing heart that I feel with every episode. I will miss having Spanish spoken in my house every week and seeing what my friends are up to in Miami and the Mirabella.

I wish they could just keep telling me stories and making my heart glow until the end of time. Sounds like a Telenovela...

Thank you for everything.

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