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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Various and Sundry Movies

Recently we have caught up on some movies we hadn't seen when they were released. They were on commercial TV, Encore or a DVD. Here are some reviews:

Kingsmen: Secret Service (DVD)
Clive Owen was awesome. The main boy and the girl were really good. Samuel Jackson was interesting. I liked the "twist" of the movie. Other than that, I hated the movie. The ultra violence was just waaaaay too much for me. I actually compared the church scene to a horror movie. It was just too over the top.
1 paw
Dangrdafne would never watch again

Elysium (Encore)
Jodie Foster looked amazing. I liked the connection of Matt Damon and his friend. Again this movie was way too violent for me but even more than that, I didn't like that it was violence at the expense of a story.  I just could not get invested.
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Dangrdafne wouldn't watch again

Oblivion (commercial TV)
I always like Tom Cruise movies. I like Tom Cruise. I LOVED this movie. All I remembered when we decided to watch it was the name and that Tom Cruise was in it. I didn't even remember that Morgan Freeman was in it (a wonderful surprise). The music, sounds and story were incredible. I was completely invested in what was happening and could not take my eyes off this movie. When it was near the end, we both said "I think we'll buy this in Blu-Ray." It was just so interesting and different and intriguing to me.
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Dangrdafne watched it again the next night and has watched in pieces any time if on TV - can't wait to see it without commercials (although she did enjoy the lack of cursing on the TV)

Maleficent (DVR from Encore)
Gorgeous. Beautiful. Angelina Jolie was perfection as was the girl who portrayed young Maleficent. Elle Fanning was lovely. I really disliked the actor who portrayed Stefan, he was waaaay off to me, the only weak link to me. I loved this take on Sleeping Beauty. I loved that this movie lives my mantra "Because Nice Matters." I loved that the true love wasn't at all what you thought it would be and that made it even more beautiful.
4 paws
Dangrdafne can't wait to watch this again and I have a few times


I actually wrote this post last year and never posted it. I have a new list of movies that I will have to write up and then I would like to try and post right after I actually watch the movies :)

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