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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wonder Woman Weekend

Wonder Woman Loot

Dangrdafne and I had a ... wonderful ... weekend. We started by attending the opening of our local farmer's market. After that, we headed to New Wave Comics & Collectibles to participate in their Wonder Woman Day celebration. I wore a pin from the Legion of Collector's Wonder Woman box, and Dangrdafne wore her Wonder Woman wrist band.
Wonder Wrist Band!
 While at New Wave Comics, we got two free WW comics and a free set of bracers and tiara (Dangrdafne looked wondrous in them!). As Wonder Woman merchandise was 20% off, I purchased a copy of SUPERMAN VS WONDER WOMAN DC TREASURY Collectors' Edition Comic Book C-54, a book I've wanted to own for many years now, and another Pop Funko for our collection (all pictured in the first photo of this post).

On Sunday, we headed out for an early showing of Wonder Woman in IMAX 3D, and we each received a bonus logo pin!

Wonder Woman Movie Logo Pin

Speaking of the movie, I think it's safe to say that we both give it all the paws and more. If you're not familiar with our paw print rating system, then just imagine we are giving the movie all the thumbs up, all the stars, all the whatever you like to use.

We loved the movie! We had a great weekend! (Almost like our own comic-con.)

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