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Tuesday, August 29, 2023



Arnold ... is perfection in this role. But then he should be. It is pretty much all his past characters in one. This show is so clever in so many ways. I loved how they utilized all his previous movies and characters but made it feel like it was all new for this show. If you never saw a previous Arnold movie, you would still like this but it is waaaaay more fun when you have a history with him :)

Each character was perfectly cast and I loved how each character "related". There will be a second season and I am curious to see if some of the things I thought were going to play out in the first season will come to pass. 

I did originally think this was a movie so imagine my surprise when I found it was a series. I am very happy it was a series as they got to build on so much and make the story so much more intense and interesting. 

I think the best part was trying to not figure out what was going on and I just let each episode take me on a ride. A wonderfully crazy and fun ride.

4 paws

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