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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Wednesday on Netflix

 Dangrdafne review:

What an incredible thrill ride. Excellent writing and story. Jenna Ortega was very good as Wednesday but my heart was with Thing. I loved Enid. It blew my mind that all the "teens" were 20+ years old in real life. But perhaps that allowed the actors to bring a different level to the teens they were portraying. 

I loved all the throwbacks to the original show and all the ways they brought in my favorite parts of the original but updated and in clever ways. Two snaps ;)

I loved all the twists and turns and red herrings. It kept me guessing and it was a very satisfying outcome overall. Although I would say I didn't try too hard to figure it out as I just wanted to watch, enjoy and see where we ended up.

I was ok knowing that there may not be a second season as this one was pretty much all encompassing but after it was all said and done and we found out during our binge watching that it would be back, I think it is a good decision and there is definitely more story to tell.

4 paws

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