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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Ted Lasso - Apple TV

 Dangrdafne review:

This is the show that I love... even more than Titans.

I had absolutely no idea what this show was or really that it even existed. Then one day, I saw people talking about it online and there was not a bad word to be said about the show. In fact, everyone was saying how it was their favorite show now and a show that we need right now. 

So one night when I was doing my walk on my treadmill, I put on the first episode.

I am in love. I even came upstairs and said to my hubby, I may have a new favorite show of all time. ALL time. And only after one 30 minute episode. 

I kid you not. This show is incredible. Now after three episodes I am completely in love, lost in it and the biggest fan. “Because Nice Matters” is my motto and I could add because of Ted Lasso. What a happy, kind, allows me to take deep breaths show. It feels so good to watch this show. Simply put it makes my heart happy.

I am literally only 3 episodes in and I can not sing its praises enough and I know it will just keep getting better and better. Jason Sudekis is a joy, so is Brendan Hunt. Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple make me proud to be a woman. The show is an American football coach being hired to come to the UK to take over managing a soccer team. A true fish out of water story but really I can't decide who is really the fish.

Nick Mohammed as Nate, Nate the Great, makes me smile every time he is on the screen. He is integral to the show and I can't imagine the show without him. The soccer players all play their perfect parts and I just look forward to where the story goes for each of them. 

The show really reminds me of how I felt when I watched Schitt's Creek. Like we were being treated to the mastery of joyful stories and superb storytelling. I would love to know Ted Lasso in real life and just bask in his joy and kindness. He just sees the world better than 99% of us but he can help you see it his way, if you just listen and join in.

Now after 7 episodes: I have laughed, I mean deep full belly laughing, I’ve sobbed, I’ve been shocked and I have just sighed and smiled. This show is glorious. 

Please, please if you have a chance to see this show, treat yourself and your heart to the joy.

4 paws and a tail and a whole second cat with 4 paws and a tail!!

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