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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Lovecraft Country - HBO Max

 Dangrdafne review:

Should I or shouldn't I watch this show? It is horror. It is scary. It is amazing according to many of my friends. I figured I watched Preacher, so how much horror could it be? Enough :)

Yes, it was extremely violent and gross and hard to watch but at the same time it made sense and I didn't feel like it was gratuitous. It fit the story and was even needed at times. I survived ;)

What an extremely thought provoking show. I had so many questions not only just about the story but about the history and the use of black actors in traditionally white roles. It was refreshing to see sci-fi and horror turned on its head. The cast was incredible and I would love to sit down with them to discuss the show and their thoughts on it all. 

I love that I had to live in their world and realize that sci-fi was a part of their world. That Lovecraft Country was real and that is not what they were surprised to learn about as the story went on. It was a great mystery story and again a beautiful family story. I really really love stories of families that are either by blood or even more so by choice. Such subtle things happen within the overall global story and I was enthralled with it all. 

I get why people loved this show so much. It is different, intriguing, thought provoking, horrific, glorious and timely. I am on board if there is a season 2 but I am also ok if this is all the story they get to tell. Although I think I would rather it continues so we all get to see the upside down sci-fi world of Lovecraft Country and make it the norm. 

4 paws

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