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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Doom Patrol - HBO Max

 Dangrdafne review:

So after signing up for HBO Max to watch Wonder Woman we wanted to see what else we could watch before our month was up. I found Doom Patrol. I know my hubby loves Doom Patrol so I knew he would want to watch it. What I didn't know was how much I would love it too.

What an incredible cast to start! Each person is just perfect in their role and I am completely in deep with their lives and well being now. 

The one odd thing I will say, is I am glad I can't see Brendan Frasier in his role, I mean I am glad he is covered up because I am having a hard time believing it is him and the role he has to play. Mind you, it is because he is amazing but if I could see his sweet face I am not sure I would be as sold or I might even be mad he has to play such a role. I really mean no disrespect to Brendan, he is amazing and I am forever grateful he is in this role.

Diane Guerrero is one of my favorite actresses and she is incredible as Jane (and I love that she used to play the best friend to Jane in Jane the Virgin). She portrays multiple personalities to perfection. I once worked with someone with this situation and I often envisioned what she was going through exactly how it is portrayed for this Jane in Doom Patrol. 

April Bowlby as Rita Farr is by far my favorite, if not only because I just adore her red hair and her lovely accented voice. She portrays her character like she has known her all her life, and she just may have, although I hope not. 

And we can't forget Matt Bomer as Larry Trainor... although it might be easy too because you don't actually get to SEE Matt Bomer too often in the show. AND I can't help hearing his voice as Rob Lowe's for some reason when you don't see him. BUT at the same time he is excellent in the role. 

I hate that I wanted to watch this and think about how messed up they all were but really all I could do in the end was see myself in each of them. If ever there was a show to make a plea for mental healthcare, it is this one. 

I love family shows and what I mean by that is a show about a family and my favorite families are those comprised of friends and unexpected beings (human or otherwise), not necessarily blood families. 

We watched everything that is available for the show and eagerly await the next season. I highly recommend this show, even if you don't know Doom Patrol (as I did not) but love comic book stories. It is clever, different, timely and very well done. 

4 paws 

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