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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Runaways panel from Wizard World online

On Sunday June 28th, our good friend Tony Kim, owner of Hero Within, was the moderator for the Runaways Wizard World panel online. A free panel put together to ease the lack of in person comic conventions not happening right now. I love these free panels and I am grateful that they offer them. I also enjoy them just a little but more if Tony is the moderator. You can buy things from the website but the panel itself is free to stream and watch.

I have not watched the show but after this panel I will seek it out.

Two of my favorite vampires are in the show and were on the panel: Annie Wersching (Momma Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries) and James Marsters (Spike on Buffy The Vampire Slayer). It was nice to see them and they both seemed very happy with the show and their experiences with the cast.

I also recognized quite a few of the other panelists and spent some time on IMDB to catch up on names and other things I would have seen them in. It is quite a cast and they all talked of how much they missed the show and each other. They all seemed to hold their characters in high regard and when asked what super power they would love to have, it was very interesting to hear many of them choose the ability to heal.

I wish such a large panel could last more than 40 minutes, though, because there definitely was not enough time to cover everything. Tony did a great job moving things along and getting some questions in from the viewers in the chat.

It felt like being at a con, just from the comfort of my couch. I highly recommend checking out these panels as they really do fill the void of canceled comic conventions. Also you may find some new shows to binge during quarantine.

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