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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Short Take: Doctor Fate, Vol. 4 #14

Kent Conrad (original Doctor Fate) and Khalid Nassour
(our "new" Doctor Fate) try to lock up some issues

I'm digging the latest Doctor Fate series. But issue #14 has taken my love to an all new level.

The addition of the previous Fate (revealed as something of an uncle to Khalid) finally gives the new Fate a mentor ... more or less. But the creative team has not given up on Khalid's family's experience as Muslim-Americans either. It's not quite to the level of Denny O'Neil and Neal Adam's socially conscious run of Green Lantern/Green Arrow in the 70s, or even G. Willow Wilson's Ms. Marvel, but it's good to see DC expanding their universe in this fashion.

Both stories in this issue were written by series regular, Paul Levitz. However, this issue features two guest artists. Inaki Miranda for the first story (the first two images below), and Breno Tamura for the backup (the remainder of the images).

Look at the colors and swirls Miranda uses for Khalid's journey to close a mystic doorway he inadvertently opened during a prior adventure:
Page 6: Inaki Miranda 

Page 14: Inaki Miranda

And look at how Tamura's facial expressions convey an additional level of emotion and determination: 
Panel from Page 17: Breno Tamura

Page 19: Breno Tamura

Page 20: Breno Tamura

This is not to say that I have not enjoyed Sonny Liew's art. In fact, I eagerly await his return for the next issue. It is ... our fate. 

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