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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2

Brilliant and every single possible synonym!!!!

I am practically speechless from this season.

AND the musical episode... who ever in their right mind thought there would be a musical Star Trek episode??? Not me!! BUT it may be one of my favorite episodes of any show ever that I have seen. It was perfection from start to finish, including the opening credits and closing credits... in fact make sure you always watch and listen to them for all the episodes ... they tie in more often than you would expect.

I adore each casting in this show and I am grateful for the love and care each actor has for their character. These are big character shoes to fill and they all do it wonderfully. I can't even call out one of over any other. They all bring their A games every time and it looks like they all get along in real life.

I will also just place a name here which to me is proof of how amazing this show is: Carol Kane!

I am also glad we happened to watch 2 episodes of Lower Decks before we launched into this second season. As there is an episode with a cross over... yup you heard me.. a crossover with an animated show. Again, the brilliance this took to pull this off was outstanding... err out of this world ;) I was grateful to understand the incoming characters by watching the 2 episodes, I am pretty sure I would not have enjoyed it as much without the background.

I do love all the mentions of other parts of Star Trek but I do have to ask Brainwise quite a few questions to keep up with it at times. I just don't have the mental capacity to recall my Star Trek watching history and catch all the tidbits but Brainwise is like a Star Trek Encyclopedia at times :) and I mean that in the most loving way. Also you don't necessarily miss anything if you don't know the history, it just adds a layer if you do know it.

I have to say if you aren't watching this show... get off your butts and then hold on to them while you watch one of the best series out there.

4 paws and a tail (or is that contrail)

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