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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Star Trek: Picard Season One


I am huge Patrick Stewart fan and an even bigger Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard fan. He is just pure perfection as himself and as Jean Luc. 

I loved this season. I heard many who had issues but I had none. I for one absolutely LOVED every cast member, I though they were perfectly cast and Alison Pill was so incredible (and could possibly be me  if I were in the show LOL). She has one scene that we replayed just because it was perfect and hilarious and soooooo me. 

We also repeated a Rios scene because it was absolute perfection and verrrrry unexpected ;)

There were soooooooo many tears though. Wow, that was truly unexpected. I don't think I realized how much I missed the characters or how much they have impacted my life and this is only the first season!!!

I loved the mystery of the season and I loved the discussions it led to between Brainwise and myself, including could the Romulans actually be right???

I give nothing away and I tell you, just sit down with a box of tissues and jump right in. Patrick Stewart brings it all along with the rest of the cast and we are off on an adventure of a lifetime, or two. I always appreciate the bigger questions that Star Trek asks as this season didn't hold back. There were times I thought I knew what I believed but by the end of the episode I was looking at it all a whole different way. Not many shows can do that after how many iterations. 

To that point, the show opens discussing death and I don't think of Star Trek as being about death. I always viewed it as being about exploration and finding life and helping other beings live their lives. But this season showed me what perhaps I didn't want to see or failed to realize and I am grateful for it. Life is not forever and you should get out and explore as much as you can in the time you have.

There were also tons of tie ins to Star Trek history and again I had to ask Brainwise quite a few questions but I would have been fine if I chose to not ask and just keep watching. Some things were answered as we went along, some things were not necessary in the end and other things helped me better appreciate the story.

We are already going to start Season 2 but I wanted to be sure to get this written before we did that. I am very curious where we are going next but I am definitely along for the ride. I wonder who we might run into this time around :)

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