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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Star Trek: Picard Season Three

 Speechless once again.

All my favorites from Next Generation (well almost all) in one place but once again. My heart is happy.

What an excellent story!! It allowed each character to have their moment on their own and together in various ways. I just loved seeing everyone again and in some ways it is like no time has passed at all. Just a little more gray and maybe a slight be slower to run :) I'll take it and I am grateful this was created and that everyone was part of it.

Obviously this season had even more tie ins to previous iterations and I am sure I missed a lot of information but it certainly didn't detract at all for my love and admiration of this show, characters, and actors. My sobbing during the season and at the final episode is a testament to that. The space these people hold in my heart is immense and special. I am forever grateful for knowing them.

Please go and watch and enjoy the pure love that is on your screen, both from the characters and from the actors. Like Strange New Worlds and the love they have for their characters, Picard season 3 is the same. The care that there is for the characters and their stories is impeccable. 

4 paws and a tail

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