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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Mandalorian - Season 2

You knew I wouldn’t/couldn’t wait to watch season two!

Everything I raved about in season one, stands true for season two.

The episode where we learn the Child’s name is just precious and stupendous. I could watch Mando and Grogu interact on the Razor Crest over and over.

I am still blown away with how I know exactly how the Mandalorian feels without ever seeing his face. The Tragedy episode was truly tragic and not in any way that I expected. 

I can’t believe I wasn’t spoiled too on a huge reveal in the last episode. And I was in heaven with one scene that included one of my favorite Star Wars characters of all the stories. Those who know me well might be spoiled now :)

I loved the addition of the other characters this season: Ashoka, Boba Fett, Bo Katan, continued Fennec, etc.  All perfectly cast and wonderfully portrayed. 

One of my favorite parts of this season was watching the women go off to fight and protect and the man go off to save the Child. Refreshing and so well done. 

I’m curious where season 3 will take us and I hope there is more Grogu. In the meantime,

This is the way … to the Book of Boba Fett … which I’m excited to watch now that I understand more about it from this series. And more Ming-Na, yes please!

4 paws plus a tail

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