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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Summer Island - Kristin Hannah

Dangrdafne book review: 

The perfect end of summer read. 

The book's location is set in the Pacific Northwest, one of my favorite areas in the world. I could see the places that were described in the book and it is a character unto itself.

A story of a family specifically a mother and daughter plus a second daughter and lesser so the father and how they are dealing with turmoil and unresolved feelings and a definite lack of communication. This is a female centric story and it is glorious. I definitely see my mother, myself and my sister in this book - thankfully not as separated as these three are but we are definitely the characters in many ways. It was nice to have my Mom and Sister near me as I read this book.

The ups and downs, the laughter, the tears, it is all worth every second of it. The writing is superb and I could see, hear, smell and feel everything. I truly want to go to Summer Island and see these places and feel it all for myself.

If you have ever had issues with your mother, this is a wonderful book to use to work through them. I do not have any issues with my mother but I could understand and empathize with what was happening. You always need to hear the other side and the other side has to be willing to tell. Keeping quiet, keeping secrets, keeping up appearances will get you nowhere. If people would just be honest and talk, the amount of trouble in the world would reduce so much. And the mother/daughter bond is an incredible power, one that should never be taken for granted.

There is even a love story hidden amongst all the turmoil and it is deep and lovely. A long unrequited love that needs nurturing and release. To find out if there is happy ending you will have to read Summer Island by Kristin Hannah.

4 paws

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