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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Lilac Girls - book review

Dangrdafne review

Tomorrow I head to Poland for my adventure. My Mother had read this book and told me I should read it before going on the trip. Since I always listen to my Mother, I read the book... in 2 days and loved the book.

It is a very rough read at times as it is about the Holocaust... but it is about so much MORE than that.

It is three distinct narrators, Kasia a Polish teen, Herta a German doctor and Caroline an American. Each chapter is from one of their points of view. It is a very different way to write and out a novel together but after 20 or so chapters I feel into the groove and could almost tell who was speaking without seeing their name on the chapter title.

I want to tell you all about the book but you really need to read it yourself to capture the beauty of it all. Even the Holocaust horrors. It is a quite disturbing write up at times but it is required so that you can appreciate the strength, the heart and the magic of these women.

If you are Polish or if you care about the women of the Holocaust or if you are intrigued by a true story about history that is rarely known, then I recommend this book and even if you think you are none of these things... I recommend this book.

4 paws

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