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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Black Panther - Wakanda Forever

 Dangrdafne review

What a wonderful tribute to Chadwick Boseman. So many tears. It truly was a wonderful story that included the loss of Chadwick and made it all work. I truly hope that the ceremony in the movie helped the actors deal with the loss. I felt that it helped me and felt that it allowed the public to be a part of the funeral.

I absolutely adored all the woman power in this movie. During the scene on the bridge I even said "there are three women of color as the main heroes in this movie!" I was blown away by the action and their stories. The actresses are excellent at their jobs and I am grateful for their portrayal of these incredible superheroes.

The costuming for this movie was beyond spectacular. Angel Bassett's outfits were out of this world beautiful and added even more to her beauty. I want to cosplay every outfit she wore. The white ceremony outfits were also simply beautiful and angelic. It was pure glorious beauty on the screen. I hope the costumers win the Academy Award for this movie.

I loved the music in this movie too. I feel like I don't recall lyrics in past Marvel movies, but I could just be misremembering, but each song really fit into the scenes and I definitely will seek out the soundtrack for this movie. I was a little thrown by the new Panther music but it does work very well. I do miss the tribal sound that was in the first movie but I understand why it wouldn't be in this one without Chadwick.

Namor was well done and the special effects for him were seamless and I was very impressed with how realistic he was. I did mention during the one underwater scene that even though I liked Aquaman, that this was the Aquaman movie that one was trying to be ;) Again I have no history with any of these characters, so I had no issues as some do and I liked the story and the portrayals.

I am grateful that some how I was not spoiled on anything in this movie and I will not spoil anything here now. I did figure out one thing while the movie progressed but I am ok with that. It is best if you can just watch and let everything unfold. I think it was an excellent story, told very well.

I do definitely wish we saw this movie in the theater, as I think it would have been all encompassing and hit even harder for the action but I am also so glad I was at home to cry throughout this movie.

Another excellent addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

4 paws

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