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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

 Dangrdafne review: 

“Men tell stories, … Women get on with it.”

I’m so grateful that in this case Kristin Hannah told a story. And what a story it is! An intense story of love, grief, war, family and survival at all costs. 

My sister wanted to be sure I read this book especially after my review of WandaVision. I was more than curious but it turns out that this book is just another way of conveying how grief can inspire and spur on humans. And it was mostly definitely about superheroes. Super human women who changed the world. Who did the impossible and showed just how women “…get on with it.”

This is a long, tough read but one I don’t regret and encourage you to do also. While there is the typical you will laugh and you will cry, there is also cheering, terror, blood pressure raising sections and moments of pure elation and joy. And lots of tears, both happy and sad. 

I think after this book, though, I need to take a break from World War II stories. I’m not sure my heart can read any more for now. 

I just started to type up what the story was about but fear I will give something away that would hurt your pleasure of reading the book. Basically it is the story of two sisters and how they deal with living during WWII. I do like Kristin Hannah's clever storytelling and her way of choosing to lay out the story. 

I don't usually like large books but the writing is so good and "simple" that I read through the book in 2 days. An amazing story about amazing characters from an amazing author.

4 paws

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