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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Sip Sip Bang Bang by Danika Stone

 Dangrdafne review:


A fast paced thriller with a love story brewing underneath it all. I was literally exhausted after reading this book. Soooo good.

I LOVE Danika Stone's writing. She always creates incredible characters that go against the norm and surprise you at every turn. She also creates wonderful scenes and tales that intrigue and excite.

I truly don’t want to tell you about this book because you have to read it to feel it all. I literally was out of breath at certain points because the writing and story were so thrilling and one part was verrry claustrophobic!

I love how the book is set in real time and uses the perfect pop culture references to move the story along and add just the right extra insight into the story. Danika knows her pop culture and I often wonder which cane first: the reference or the story. Whichever it is, I’m just glad it’s there 🙂

The ironic part of the book, that I will say, is that I kept thinking about what a good movie this will make and it turns out to be part of the book too. I could really see the book in my mind and I definitely would LOVE to meet the main characters in real life. I feel that way about all Danika’s books. She just has a way of writing her characters and making them real and plausible. Even if the story is winding around like crazy, her people are realistic and I want to know them more.

4 paws

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