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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

WandaVision Disney Plus

 Dangrdafne review:


That is where I will start.

What an incredible story, show, cast, music, visuals, and dialogue about grief.

This post may have spoilers if you haven't watched the show yet. I usually don't have spoilers but I can't not talk about the main point of this show.


I have never laughed so much at something so depressingly sad. The amount of pain and anguish that Wanda endures is overwhelming and they make sure you feel it in this show. But she tries to deal with it in the only way she knows how... family sitcoms of the 50's through current. What a clever and amazing idea and it is carried out with perfection.

We intended to watch this show over a few nights... yeah, that didn't happen... we watched it all in one night and I am so glad we did. It truly envelopes you and doesn't let go. The story is perfectly paced and put together. There is back story, there is history, there is future telling and there is pain and suffering to the nth degree. I feel so much empathy and sympathy for Wanda. She has lost so much and she just keeps moving...although maybe not always forward but she keeps moving.

Watching how her decisions affect others and how some of her decisions are made for her without her knowing is difficult to watch at times but that is a good thing. It means the show is doing what it should.

I am making this sound like a complete downer of a show but it really isn't. It is a wonderful take on grief and how it can affect someone even someone with incredible powers. Grief doesn't care if you are an Avenger or a superhero. And there is so much joy and laughter in the show too. If you know your family sitcom history back to the 50s you will be treated to the ultimate in honoring the various themes. Be sure to look all around the rooms in each episode and surprise yourself in guessing what show the episode is based on... if you haven't already been spoiled before you watch... we were not spoiled and we had fun picking the sitcom we were watching. We got all but one and we were in the right area for the one we missed.

Elizabeth Olsen has been quoted as saying she didn't want to become an actress at one point and I am forever grateful for whatever changed her mind. To me she is perfect as Wanda and I feel like they have become almost one and the same. Paul Bettany has always had my heart from back in his Jarvis days. He epitomizes Vision and I can imagine no other in the role. Then put Wanda and Vision together and it is a love story to end all love stories. Pure, genuine, all consuming, and truly until death do us part.

I loved this show and I am grateful to the minds who created it. It is truly so clever and detailed and moving and funny. I love that I have these stories in my mind now and can access them when I need a reminder of love or grief. I would definitely watch this again and again.

4 paws 

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