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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Disney Plus

 Dangrdafne review:

First statement, I love Anthony Mackie... as Falcon ;)

I also love Sebastian Stan as Bucky/The Winter Soldier.

Put them together and Dangrdafne is a happy TV watcher.

I will admit that when this series started I was not as into it as I thought I would be and we even paused it numerous time to talk about other things. But half way through something changed and suddenly I was fully involved and when it was over I was greatly impressed with the story and I loved how it all tied together.

I was impressed how it wasn't just a superhero show and it wasn't about fighting just a villain, it was about fighting racism and supremacy of all kinds. I found myself sympathizing with the "bad guys" and villains and wishing everyone in the world would watch this show if for nothing more than just Anthony Mackie's final monologue. It was true brilliance and so many could learn from it. This show hurt and it should. People should have to look at themselves and question their motives, their ideals and how they interact with our human beings on this earth. That is a tall order for a TV show but this easily met that order and exceeded it.

I am glad we watched it over two days and not over the six weeks that the show actually ran but it did allow for one spoiler for me and I am pretty sad about it. I won't post it here but I am hopeful there will be some other reason or outcome for this item as it involves one of my favorite characters. I was also spoiled by a casting but since I am not well versed on Marvel history I did not know what it meant... and honestly I still don't LOL.

If you love the Marvel Universe, this is a MUST watch. If you want to learn more about the human race, this is a MUST watch. The acting is well done, the story is interesting and timely, the music and action are impeccable and it is part of the history, current stories and future telling that we all have come to love in the Marvel world.

4 paws

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