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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fan Mail

No, we don't have any fan mail. This Fan Mail is a new box subscription service that I joined during SDCC this year. It is geared towards the woman nerd/geek/fan and run by two amazing women, Rose and Jenny. You can learn all about them and their box here.

I received my first box during SDCC and I just recently received my second box from them in August. Brainwise and I already subscribe to LootCrate and we love them but I keep asking them to do a Female Superhero box but nothing yet. Then Fan Mail came along and not only is it geared to female characters, it is geared to females overall (jewelry, clothing items for females, etc). I couldn't pass it up.

So without further ado, here are the contents of the two boxes I have received from Fan Mail after the break.

July Box
Ladies of Comic Con

 I am grateful they include a card about the items in the box, especially when I don't know what all the items are for :)
 I love that they include a calendar of "events" on the back too. Very clever and helps make sure I don't miss any special events.
 I may not watch Game of Thrones but I can appreciate the awesomeness of this Funko Pop! A little dinged up box but she is beautiful.
 I don't follow The Guild but I adore Felicia Day, so this is a pretty cool item.
 Again I don't watch Game of Thrones (Sansa's Dragonfly Necklace) but the Dragonfly is an animal totem for my husband so I truly love this piece.
 Now we are talking!! This is Katherine's pendant from The Vampire Diaries. Now the show may drive me crazy at times but I LOVE this piece of jewelry from the show and now I own it.
 I also don't watch Orphan Black but it is on the binge list. I love that this is a comic book about the cast going to Comic Con. Very clever.
 Ironically, I don't watch iZombie but after attending this year's panel I have added it to our binge list. I really don't like zombies so hubby will have to read this one to see if I can even look at it :)
This is also from Orphan Black and I couldn't tell you anything about it. LOL Ooops :)
So even though most of these items aren't meaningful to me, I can't deny that the items themselves are awesome and I feel lucky to have them.

August Box
Super Sheroes

 Oooo this looks awesome! A first printing of a #1.
 My favorite! I will wear this with pride!
 I will have to make sure I keep this Batman vs. Superman pendant from the hubby but it is pretty cool that he could actually steal it and wear it. A cool part to the items in the Fan Mail boxes.

 Adorable bookmarks from Beedooto.
Thor, Storm and Spider-Gwen
 A huge win in the pin department for me! I just cosplayed as Black Widow this year, so I am super excited for the Black Widow pin in the pack - which also includes Raven, Ms. Marvel and Batgirl!
 WOOT!!!! My favorite actress and character. What more could I ask for?
I do now! Thank you Fan Mail!
Can't wait for September and all the months after that!

- Dangrdafne

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