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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Secret Invasion - Disney Plus


I love Samuel L Jackson and I love Nick Fury so I was very happy he had his own story to tell but this series could have been much much better. I don't even know if I know exactly what was the issue. It was definitely too quiet, slow and it definitely doesn't stand alone... not that it should.

It is shows like this that I am glad I don't try to tell the story in my post. I just state if I liked it and if you should watch it. I definitely could not easily describe what we watched and I would not watch this again but you should watch it if you are a Marvel fan and if you plan to watch more Marvel Universe. I am sure we will need this series to help with the upcoming The Marvels and who knows what else.

It is only 6 episodes, so it doesn't overly torture the watcher and on the good side there is lots of information about Nick Fury that, at least, I didn't know.

2 paws

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