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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Good Omens - Season Two


As promised in my post about Season One, we did indeed watch Season Two.

I was "spoiled" for the end of this season without ever being told exactly what happened. I could just tell basically what must have happened based on the reactions from my friends on social media after they all binged it when it was released. 

I had pretty much the same feelings about this season as I did about the first. I am not sure what is missing for me when I watch. Maybe it's that I haven't read the source material. Maybe it's that I don't get the humor. I know I did have a little trouble remembering things even just from the first season, which for us wasn't that long ago. Overall it made it's way to it's ineffable (I am sure that is not the way to use that word but there ya go) conclusion which I did actually love.

If you watched the first and liked it, you will also like season two. If you didn't like the first season, I might gather you won't like this one either. Note, that for the most part it is a completely new, stand alone story. Although I wouldn't watch this without having seen the first.

This season did not lead to any deep conversations like the first did and that is ok, not every show needs to be heavy.

3 paws overall

4 paws for the last 20 minutes of the season

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