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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Dune - 2021 movie


So I know absolutely nothing about Dune except it is about a desert. Yup, that's all, that's it. But when Brainwise stated I wasn't interested in watching the 2021 movie, I stopped him and said I was actually interested. A friend of mine thought I would like it, so we watched it. All 2 hours and 30+ minutes of it. Here are some of my reviews:

1) The music is OUTSTANDING!!!

2) The visuals are UNBELIEVABLE!!!

3) The cast is INCREDIBLE!!!

4) The story ... wellll ... I am not really sure...

I must say I am definitely looking forward to Part 2, so hopefully I can come back to this post and talk about #4 :)

I thought Timothee Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson were perfect in their roles. There are so many recognizable faces in this movie it was almost a distraction but everyone played their parts perfectly. 

Hans Zimmer was brilliant with his music. It was a whole other character in the movie. 

I say definitely check it out and then read the trivia on IMDB after you watch it to see all the crazy tidbits there are about the movie and the cast. 

3 paws     But only because I need the rest of the story 🙂

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