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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Ms. Marvel

 Dangrdafne review

What a wonderful show! Diversity, culture, family, friendships, finding yourself, power, lessons to learn, history, healthy relationships, strong women, laughter, tears, and a comic book bought to life.

Excellent music and a great cast. Interesting story with lots of history and culture at the heart of it.

I do feel that they threw too much into 6 episodes and if you are new to the world, as I am, there are many things you don't understand and miss in each episode. Brainwise seemed to get a bit more from it as he has read the comics this is based on. Overall I think I followed along just fine and I don't think I missed anything crucial but I would say this show could have used 8 to 10 episodes and then they could have put in more detail and connections for those not in the know.

4 paws

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