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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Twig - Skottie Young - comic book

 Dangrdafne review

Yes, I did indeed buy my very own comic book during Free Comic Book Day.

Yes, I did indeed READ my very own comic book that I purchased during Free Comic Book Day.

I had seen lots of photos and posts about this comic book and I was intrigued and of course the art is adorable. That seems to be a prerequisite for me to want a comic book. See also: HeroBear, MouseGuard, etc. :)

So, not only is the art beautiful and adorable, but the story is quite the fantasy adventure. It is only book 1 of 5 but I definitely would like to read the rest after reading just this one. I am very curious what Twig and Splat are doing and what will happen in their adventure. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to draw people into a story with just one piece of the story, but they did it easily with this one.

I decided on the Peach Momoko cover (Cover C) as I know that name from other books and usually like their art. There were 2 other options available at New Wave Comics, but I couldn't stop looking at Peach's cover, so into the pile of purchases it went.

It is rated T for Teen and I would agree, although the first book only has 1 item that might be in question for kids younger than Teen, and it was more than fine for a 52 year old adult ;) 

It looks like the next four books will be released over the next four months, so there is some time to wait until I can continue the story. I kind of wish I just had all of it at once, but it will be nice to savor to story and art each month. Although, honestly, I hope I remember each book before the next. I guess I would just reread it if not, LOL.

Book 1 = 4 paws for art and story

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