Bookended by Cats was named after Milo and Otis. They are the short, orange, and furry brothers who, upon entering our lives in 2003, often bookended us on our couch. And who are we? We're a geek couple living in PA. We love music, movies, TV, comics, books, and comic cons. And, from time to time, we'll share our thoughts on these nerdy things.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

We're Here! We're Finally Here at SDCC!

Brainwise and Dangrdafne at the Convention Center
We landed at the San Diego International Airport just before 10am yesterday. Shortly after that, we had checked in at our downtown hotel and hit the streets to do some shopping. We even walked over the the convention center -- I posted a few photos on Twitter yesterday with the caption "SO CLOSE GUYZ!! #SDCC." But, this morning, Dangrdafne reminded me that we had not posted over here letting folks know that the Bookended by Cats crew is in San Diego for the big convention.

Well, consider that oversight corrected.

That's right! We're here in town and ready for Preview Night of SDCC this evening! We've scoped out the area, and can confirm that this place is ready for all of Geekdom, in its various and illustrious forms, to descend upon it in a celebration of all things Nerd!

Dangrdafne Scopes Out the Map!

That means we're also here and ready for Game of Bloggers Meet-Up at the Dragon's Den this evening. In fact, we were so excited about it that we lined up last night:

"Guess we're the first to line up
for Game of Bloggers, eh?"
Bookended by Cats is a fledgling blog, and we're excited about connecting with other bloggers at any level. We're trying to take Tony's "mission" advice to heart. However, we're not sure we have a stated mission just yet. So, we want to know what yours is. Maybe it will inspire us to do something more than write about stuff we read and watch with our cats. Maybe we'll have a connection for you. Who knows! 

So, if you see us here tonight:

Be certain to stop us, say "Hi!," and ask for a wristband!

Connect with Us and get a Wristband!  

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