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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Spider-Man: Far from Home

 Dangrdafne review 

I love Tom Holland as Peter Parker and spoiler alert …as Spider-Man. I mean I really love him in this role. He is young at heart, funny, endearing, smart, clever and appreciates the responsibility of the role.

There is a ton of action in this movie, more than I expected actually. It even cut into conversation time but I still really liked this movie. It is making me very curious to see the most recent installment as everyone is saying it is the best one yet! 

I love that I have seen enough of these movies that I didn't even ask Brainwise my question about Mysterio during the movie. No spoilers here.

This is a definite much watch for MCU completists, Spiderman completists and if you are looking for a movie to watch tonight. It can stand alone but why should it, go and watch all the Spiderman's so you can enjoy all the pieces of this movie. And while you are at it, why not watch all the MCU so you catch everything else in this movie ;)

3 paws

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