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Monday, December 21, 2020

Jingle Jangle

Dangrdafne review:

If you watch any new Christmas movie this year please make it Jingle Jangle on Netflix. 

It is a glorious film. It is eye candy, ear candy and best of all soul candy. 

The costumes are incredible, the music is spectacular with moving and inspiring lyrics and the story warms the soul. 

Each actor is perfectly matched to their character and the singing is amazing. Every child should see this movie and they should pay special attention to the Possible song sung by the young girl. Tears come to my eyes just remembering this beautiful moment.

I remember reading the review in Entertainment Weekly and being so excited to see this movie. The writer was so enthralled with the movie that it came through directly to me and made me want to see it too. This was the first night hubby and I had time together to watch. It was worth the wait! And I’m ready to watch it again already. 

I am not going to discuss the story at all as you should experience all the wishes and wonder for yourself. Please treat yourself and your family and watch Jingle Jangle and believe in the impossible. 

4 paws and a tail!!

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