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Sunday, June 28, 2015

SDCC Boxing

No, not hitting each other,  although that could happen over the Batman Jim Lee Exclusive, you never know. This post is about storing and retrieving your comic-con gear. We're going to share with you an the idea that we implemented 2 SDCC's ago...

First: Take a box -- or a tub, container, suitcase ... basically whatever is easiest to use in your home -- and place it somewhere very accessible. Previously, we were using a printer paper box to store our stuff. But this year, we picked up a Hefty Hi-Rise Pro latching bin.

The New Bin (with Lid)
The New Bin (Lid Removed) 
This color combo seems pretty geeky to us!

In case you're wondering, this bin holds 72 QT (or 18 GAL, or 68.13 L, depending on how you prefer to measure volume). Here is the label for your reference:

Close-up of the bin's label (for reference)

Next: Go through all your stickers from past comic conventions and select ones that you don't plan to use or give away. Once you have the ones you want to use for this project, just slap them all over the bin, marking it specifically for SDCC (and/or other comic conventions):

Get all your geeky, nerdy, comic-booky stickers out! 
Slap 'em on the bin!
Note: Temporary tattoos work, too!

Last: All year, month, and week leading up to the Con, simply place anything in this box that you want to remember to take with you: Your sketch book, autograph book, markers, cosplay pieces, items to give to people that you will see at SDCC ... whatever it is you must remember to take with you to the geek mecca.

Sample Comic-Con Checklist
(Visit Crazy4ComicCon for a super-detailed packing list!)

Using a comic-con box in this way will ensure that you won't have to waste time wracking your brain when it comes time to pack. Instead of trying to remember every little thing you need, all the items will be right there, waiting for you! And after the con, when you return home, you can place each item right back in the box for next time (well, you really should wash items of clothing as necessary before you put them back in the bin).

We're hoping that the plastic bin will be a more effective storage system than the cardboard box was during non-comic convention times. Of course, lately, the time between cons is less time than it used to be.

Look! It's (almost) everything we need for Comic Con in one place!

Do you do anything special to prep between conventions? Did this tip help you? Let us know in the comments!

[Draft: Dangrdafne   |   Final Copy: Brainwise]

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